If you’re looking for advice that can help extend the life of your battery, you might think, “I wish I could find a Ford dealer near me who would share some tips.” Drivers located close to our Ford dealership are in luck because our team is more than willing to shed some light that can help you prolong your battery’s useful life.

One of the simplest things you can do to make your battery last is drive regularly. You can’t be content with short trips down the road, however. Instead, you should plan to drive for at least 30 minutes per clip at a minimum rate of 1,000 RPMs. Doing so will give your alternator enough time to fully recharge your battery and enable it to “live” longer.

You should also refrain from using your car’s electrical components when your engine isn’t running. If you use things like your radio or air conditioning when your engine isn’t engaged, it will drain your battery and shorten its working life.

Bringing your car into our Waconia, MN Ford service center is advisable as well. Our factory-trained technicians will test your battery and remove any corrosion that’s visible on its outer casing or terminals. They’ll also check your battery’s water level and top it off with distilled water if necessary. We want to make sure your battery is securely in its proper position as well. If it’s not, your battery may rattle around, which can cause damage that may lead to it expiring prematurely.

For more actionable tips that can help extend your battery’s useful life, contact our Ford dealership near Jordan, MN or visit Waconia Ford today.